About Me


Cumbrian boy living in Cornwall studying Marine and Natural History Photography


For me photography is a way of life. I always strive to achieve the highest standards possible at any given task and in any situation. My goal is to create images and stories that help people to fall in love with the natural world; to show people that supporting wildlife is crucial to our futures.

So far, at the age of twenty, I have been lucky enough to travel across much of Europe, including such places as Finland, Norway, Iceland, Spain, France, Croatia and many more. I have had many wonderful experiences photographing wildlife not only abroad but in my own back garden.

My latest venture is to travel to Norway where I will be a tour leader for the company "Wildlife Finnmark" taking people on birdwatching and photographic tours throughout the north of the country.


Marine And Natural History Photography Falmouth University


Publications and Awards

From June 2021 

Tour Leader, Wildlife Finnmark - based on the Northern tip of Norway, an eco-tourism company specialising in nature photo tours.

July 2020 

Launched "Behind the Image" YouTube Podcast


June 2020 

Article Hidden Treasures featured in Bloom in Doom online magazine


January 2020 

Arctic Tern image shortlisted for Bird Photographer of the Year


August 2019

Presented journey across Finland, 2019, as part of the A Focus On Nature event, the Natural History Museum, London

August 2018

Qualified as BSAC Sports Diver


July 2017 - Present 

Published a range of photographs as cards which were sold to local shops

August 2015

Presented at International Bird Fair, Rutland Water with Chris Packham


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Phone: 07428733661